Monday, 22 August 2011

Bedroom Interior Design

People are often confused with the concepts of bedroom interior design and bedroom interior decoration. Not a few believe that these concepts rae one and the same, although in reality, they are two different things – although they may both pertain to changing the look of a bedroom.
In order to better comprehend what each term refers to, we will first examine the elements that play a part in bedroom interior design and how it is related to interior decoration.
Bedroom with red and black combination
Bedroom with black color
Bedroom of modern style
Huge bedroom

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Dining Room Pictures

Dining room is very important part of your house such as it adds an extra joy in many occasions. Moreover today dining room is not only the place for eating the food with your family or guest it is much more than that. Many people like to decorate their dinning room but they do not understand how to start and what elements are required for decorating the dining room. Therefore for helping you in how to decorate your dining room there are some tips given will help you adding beauty and colors to your dining room.
It may be a stay independent or an area within a larger room, depending on the capabilities of each house, sometimes goes hand in kitchen and sometimes part of lounge In any case the dining area should be well delimited Either with walls or other separator spaces.
Dining Room with wooden floor
Dining Room with combination of ivory color
Small Dining Room
Open Dining Room
Fancy Dining Room
Dining Room with flowers

Friday, 19 August 2011

Study Room Interior Pictures

A kid’s bedroom or the study room should be an exciting place, and a place that allows your child to change the appearance or function of the room over time, as they get older. Children’s bedrooms are often themed depending on the child’s interests, hobbies or favorite color. So, you need to take into account the type of children’s furniture bed you are going to use. Pick out bright colors and easy care bed linens that can harmonize with the bedroom’s whole theme.
Based on what the needs are for the interior design of a children’s bedroom, an interior designer will use modeling programs and concept sketches to get an idea of how to put the room together. The interior design of a bedroom may include selecting furniture that will support the functions of the bedroom, such as beds and desks, as well as the appearance of the room, including paint and window treatments.
study room with wood flooring
Study room
Wall and the furniture with green color combination
Study room for kids
Simple study room
Small study room

Living Room Interior Pictures

After I’ve just posted 6 pictures with Modern Living Room Interiors Ideas I’ve decided to post a few more contemporary living room ideas, because people usually come to Fresh home to get fresh inspiration for their homes. Now I think that when you are searching for a new look for your home the more pictures you see the more clearly you know how your dream home will look like. So here is a new set of 6 pictures with some beautiful living rooms. Finally one thing you should keep in mind if you want to create a contemporary living room design is simplicity, low furniture arrangements, modular sofas, abstract lighting sources, pedestal tables, sleek sideboards, etc.
Living room with open veiw
Living room with beautiful color sofa
Simple living room
Living room with elegant sofa set
Living room with open view and simple sofa set
Nice living room

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Indoor Stairs Design Pictures

In the present scenario where you have to pay per unit area for a residential or commercial space, each and every inch is valuable. Especially in home interiors, it is crucial that all spaces are put to the best use. All spaces in your house should have a purpose. Often many spaces in our house are not given proper attention. One of such areas is the space under stairs. This space is frequently deemed unusable and is not taken care of while designing the house. The fact is that the space under stairs can be conveniently used for a variety of purposes. Let’s discuss a few ideas for under stairs space utilization.

Simple and straight stairs 
Wooden stairs with curve
Stairs for small space
Wooden stairs
Easy stairs
Stairs for small space
Beautiful wooden stairs

American kitchen Pictures

It is fun to once in a while look back and see what was considered cool and trendy during the past. In this post we take a look at the kitchens of yesteryear – those from 1920s to 1960s.

Kitchens then used bold colors like yellow, blue and jadeite green with checkerboard floors and vivid patterns. Also prominent were the painted cabinets, glass knobs, vintage linens and conspicuous electrical appliances that were meant to be used for long periods. In those days, the throwaway mentality was unheard of and people preferred to repair and re-use rather than replace.

Blue and Ivory combination
Huge kitchen
Wooden flooring with dinning table in kitchen
Nice work of wood
Television in kitchen
Black and Ivory combination

Italian Houses pictures

There is something about classy Italian architecture that always gets us. However, the B House you see here is truly in a world of its own. Designed by Duilio Damilano in Cuneo, Italy, the B House features modern shapes that promote fresh, open spaces, large windows that offer awesome views of the mountains nearby, great lighting and an amazing pool– coming together to make this house looks like a great addition to the natural scenery it was built in. Too bad the interior remains mostly a mystery, because it looks just as stunning as the exterior.
Italian House with swimming pool
Italian House Open Front
Italian House Sea view

Italian Flower House
Italian old city House